Here you are, spending another lazy afternoon on the local baseball field trying to finally pitch the fabled 160 kph fastball. But what's all that commotion outside?

WSAD - walking/aiming
Space - ball pitching (hold to aim, release to throw)

Game by Moczan and WillQ
Made for April 2023 edition of Pizza Jam using the "Courage is One Boy Pitching a 160 kph Fastball" prompt
Produced with Unity, BlockBench, Blender, Garage Band and Audacity
Vocals created with Synthesizer V Basic using Genbu Lite library
Sounds from JC Audio, NoizBoy, Articulated Sounds, Mechanical Wave, Membrans, Tatak Audio, Bluezone, Justsoundeffects and Coll Anderson via


Download 34 MB


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Ball broke Matrix


ok man