WSAD to roll the dice in chosen direction
Shift+WSAD to roll a bigger distance
Mouse to aim, LMB to shoot

Whichever side of the dice is facing up gives you access to a different offensive elemental spell.  So movement changes your equipped attack.

Ice - does a burst-type short-range instant attack
Fire - does constant damage over a large area
Air - spreads out a wave of damage
Earth - shoots a small projectile that explodes on contact
Water - shoots a small projectile that damages first enemy hit
Thunder - charged projectile, hold LMB and release it, the longer it's held the faster it is and the more damage it does

Made for GMTK Game Jam 2022 in 48h by blueabsinth, Gargooletz, Moczan, Szo and WillQ.


Dice vs Goblins (Windows) 31 MB

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